Absolute Return Trading

Jul 12, 2015

HLK Group Pty Ltd is proud to introduce Absolute Return Trading Pty Ltd (A.R.T). Absolute Return Trading Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 1008682) that offers Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) services to retail and wholesale clients. Absolute Return Trading ‘s initial Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) strategy is the A.R.T. Core Portfolio that looks for both long and short momentum and breakout trades over ASX300 CFDs, following strict position sizing and risk management rules.  Such rules ensure there is not too much positional risk and that the portfolio is ruthless with losses and patient with winning trades.  A.R.T. is a team of absolute return traders in that they aim to profit every month regardless of the performance of the underlying market conditions.

All A.R.T. clients receive a read-only login to their account so they can monitor real-time performance and account balances, as well as daily statements and monthly reports.  A.R.T is currently developing   additional CFD strategies across multiples markets including US and Hong Kong equities to add to their product offering.

Absolute Return Trading’s point of difference in the market is their trade momentum based around price action of a stock. Whilst they consider fundamentals, they won’t get caught up with the idea that a stock simply must rise because they look fundamentally strong.  A.R.T. are active traders finding opportunities on the market most days, both long and short.


Absolute Return Trading key people within their organisation:

Richard Wardlaw – Principal – Richard’s background has been working as a client adviser for large stock broking firms. He became disillusioned by being told what he could and could not buy, and not being able to profit from shorting falling stocks.  This led him to conduct his own research with extensive market observation, studying of a range of trading books and manuals and attending advanced trading courses in the USA.  He now runs a business that trades according to a well-developed trading plan and believes CFDs are the perfect tool for advanced traders to trade a market professionally both long and short. 

Grant Tierney – Grant assists with strategy trading and client relationship management. Grant has 15 year’s experience in the financial markets including head of sales trading for a multinational derivatives provider.  After many years in sell side broking and market making, Grant has been exposed to many trading techniques across all market conditions. Experience has taught him that the fundamental components of successful trading are a structured trading plan, position sizing and acute risk management which in turn is now being put into practice at A.R.T.

If you would like to know more about Absolute Return Trading please visit: www.absolutereturntrading.com.au