MAM Trading Tools

Mar 02, 2015

As you will see on our website, HLK Group is a licensed Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Operator. HLK Group encourages its group of MDA managers to utilise Multi Account Manager (MAM) trading tools in order to effectively manage their client accounts. We believe to bring better financial advice and products to our clients we feel that the use of up-to-date software is a key solution in improving our MDA services.

MAMs offer a range of abilities to help traders do more in terms of tracking, trading and reporting on multiple client accounts. Should the market move unexpectedly and the need arises to simultaneously trade several accounts immediately, traders can execute trades simultaneously and instantaneously with this software solution.

MAM software programs provide traders a significant advantage by using technology to save time from tasks that were previously done manually. By using MAMs they can successfully take advantage of market conditions and opportunities across multiple trading accounts at the same time whilst minimizing the risk of human error occurring via manual execution
The tool is also helpful for monitoring multiple accounts that trade using algorithmic Expert Advisers (EAs). The software enhances functionality by allowing them to manage multiple accounts from a single interface.