Wholesale General Advice

The Corporations Act and ASIC require that if you carry on a business in Australia of giving financial advice you must hold and Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) with an authorisation to give advice, or be an authorised representative of such a licensee.

You may be offering general advice as a financial service in many formats including:

  • Providing an educational course about a particular class of product
  • Blogging your opinions about a particular financial product
  • Presenting a video tutorial about your particular trading strategies

There can be at times a general misconception that there is no need for an AFSL if you are running an education, blogging or signal service website. However if you are giving any non-factual information including  advice, trading signals or an opinion regarding a financial product it is most likely general advice and will need to operate under an AFSL.

HLK Group provide wholesale general advice authorisations and are happy to consult with companies that may be unsure on their regulatory requirements. These regulations are safeguards to protect investors.

That’s why HLK Group's Wholesale Authorised Representative solutions offer general advice providers a cost effective and efficient means to operate in compliance with ASIC Licensing regulations.

If you would like to know more about HLK Group and what we can potentially provide to your business, please go to our contact us page and submit an enquiry.