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Servicing business entities and individuals alike, HLK Group is authorised to provide wholesale advice and to act as a representative for a range of financial products and investment solutions.

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Important Notice

We have recently been advised that a company operating out of China under the name of PandaFX, have been claiming that they are a subsidiary and operate as a Corporate Authorised Representative or Associated with HLK Group.

These statements are completely false. For more information CLICK HERE

HLK Group - Managed Discretionary Accounts

Established in 2012 HLK Group is an Australian registered financial institution (AFSL 435746) which provides wholesale licensing services in General Advice and to Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Managers. With a range of MDA services, HLK Group has strategies to adopt a conservative, balanced or aggressive risk profile. Our commitment is to ensure best interest duty and ongoing service to our clients.

Licensing Solutions

HLK Group offer opportunities to companies to operate a licensed wholesale financial services business with its...
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Our Mission

"To Deliver Compliance and Alternative Licensing Solutions for Financial Services Companies and Individuals"

Our Group

HLK Group believe their Authorised Representatives are valuable additions to
our existing group of companies which include the following
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